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Wing try it !

Two hours on land to familiarise you with equipment set up and basic handling skills

Onto a mountain board to begin practice of wing, enhancing the wind energy to provide forward motion. As with everything under the Essex banner ALL EQUIPMENT is provided

cost of try it lesson  £50

(land only wing + mountain board) 


Beginner lesson 


To get you started we offer instruction and equipment for £120


Day one duration 4 hours. Land lesson for approximately two hours and then progression onto the water to play with the wing and get to grips with power delivery, forward motion. 

Wing Beginner practice SUP

If you require more time to adjust and enhance the skills required to move onto the foil phase please book this as many times as you feel necessary, ( please note not everyone wants to move onto the foil, and wingsup is fun )

cost of 1 hour £40 


Advancement wingfoil beginner


OK, so the basics are mastered , its time to progress onto the wing-foil board , instruction safety cover, and all equipment 

2 hours duration  on water £120

Wingfoil hire

Now you have the basics, simply hire the equipment and practice. 

Cost of hire is £60 one hour or £100 for two hours

 (includes wing and foil board, wetsuit, shoes, buoyancy aid.) 

Hire board only

If you are struggling to get going on equipment you have purchased, you're definitely not the first, rent a bigger board and foil wing from us and progress quicker. mast lengths from 40cm to 90cm, try learning on a short mast in shallow water, big board and big 2000 or even the 2500 front wing. 

(not sure what we are talking about ....please contact us) Don't beat yourself up any more Essex Wingsurf is here!!

Cost of board only hire £50 for 1 hour 

                                          £75 for 2 hours and 

                                          £95 for 3 hours

"we don't sell equipment..... we ride it and teach on it" 



To book onto one of our lessons please call or text us

Simon 07751705558 email;


Prices include all equipment required. 

what's included: wetsuit, boots, buoyancy aid, wing and board 

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